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Outsourced Bookkeeping Provides Safe Keeping For Your Business’s Financial Data

The Tornado recently in Moore, OK reminds us of the devastating effects a natural disaster can have on a community. Just as families are working to rebuild their lives, so too are the small businesses that were impacted by the storm.

Kai Ryssdal of American Public Media’s Marketplace interviewed a business owner in Moore, Oklahoma whose business was completely destroyed by the tornado. In the interview, Kai asked the business owner about her business forms and client records. She responded by saying:

“Luckily I did find my [client] records, and I have a CPA offsite … that was the saving grace because I didn’t get the computer backup.”

Regardless of scale, natural disasters have proven that even traditional backups can fail. For instance, say your office experiences a fire, flooding, or even an earthquake, and everything is damaged. Your paper records are gone and your computer equipment is unsalvageable. You can’t rely on keeping your most important business information backed up on an external hard drive. Storing your information with an offsite financial professional can help by protecting your mission critical data so that when it is time to reopen your business, you have all the information you need at hand.

Outsourced Bookkeeping Gives You Peace of Min

via Outsourced Bookkeeping Provides Safe Keeping For Your Business’s Financial Data.