Land Up For Sale (but watch for the bombs) – Forbes

Generally speaking, I recommend individuals and businesses correctly calculate their income tax liability and pay it on time.

That said, there are those who think otherwise. Fascinating article on property for sale where a couple once lived–a couple who decided not to pay.


For Sale: 110 acre hilltop compound in bucolic Plainfield, New Hampshire, approximately 1-1/2 hours from Concord, to be auctioned off by the federal government. Eight inch walls. Generator and capacity to function without outside utilities. Minimum bid: $250,000. Potential bomb risk.

Yes, bomb risk.

While federal officials hope to unload the property, former home of Ed and Elaine Brown, in order to settle a number of debts, they’ve had to be clear that they can’t guarantee that explosives and other booby traps aren’t hidden on the property.

Even more interesting? Your bid doesn’t guarantee you access to the property: you won’t be able to check it out until you’ve been deemed the winning bidder and agreed that you absolve the government from any bad stuff that could happen after you enter the property.

You know, like losing a limb or dying.

Despite having bomb detection devices and dogs on the property, authorities can’t guarantee that the property is clear from bombs and other booby-traps.

Read the rest via Here Comes The Boom: Potential For Bombs, Booby Traps On Tax Protestor Land Up For Sale – Forbes.

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