What are the 2013 IRS Tax Brackets?

Rome wasn’t destroyed in a day.

It took, time, my man. Time.

And no. The Roman Empire wasn’t destroyed by barbarians. But rather, by over-taxation, grotesque government spending, and currency debasement. Sound familiar?

As the United States government appears to be waddling down the same, sad, predictable path, Congress and this president haven’t quite decided on how quickly to accelerate the descent into ruin. Because of their indecisiveness, many US taxpayers are trying to figure out what the individual tax rates for 2013 are going to be. And here’s the thing: At this point, nobody knows. In this article tax attorneys Anthony E. Parent and Thomas S. Groth discuss the three most likely scenarios, giving the tax rates for each scenario.

via What are the 2013 IRS Tax Brackets?.

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