Review: ‘Digital Vertigo’ a Hitchcockian tale of Web angst

“Data is the new oil, and the consumer has become the product.”

This interesting article talks about the plethora of personal data now available to advertisers (and indeed, everyone) with the advent of social networks–Facebook, Twitter, et al.

I’m not in total agreement with his conclusions:

In order to maintain at least some mystery online, Keen suggests that people “lie creatively.”

“They need to tell untruths about themselves, and invent new identities that don’t necessarily reflect the way they really are. Their online identities should create questions, rather than answers. People are more interesting as riddles. They shouldn’t be open books.”

But I do agree that much of our personal information should be kept private.

At Moore Bookkeeping, you can count on us to keep your business private…what you decide to share is your business.

Review: ‘Digital Vertigo’ a Hitchcockian tale of Web angst –

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