We Don’t Just Count Beans

I recently read an article about bookkeepers and got to thinking—we do that. The part of the article that spurred this follows:

I believe that if accountants were more proactive, they could actually help more small businesses stay in business and do their part to make a big dent in reviving the economy.

I truly believe we have such valuable skills that there are millions of people who really need us right now, if only we would speak up just a bit more. —Sandi Smith Leyva

At Moore Bookkeeping, we do speak up. We tell you things we notice, even if they aren’t what you hired us to do. For example, one of my clients recently related a problem she was having keeping track of receipts from her other office hundreds of miles away. I knew her employee had an iPhone, so I suggested she have him use DropBox. It’s an online storage facility that anyone can logon to–free. I suggested she have him scan and upload his receipts to DropBox, and they would be immediately available to her, not to mention once uploaded, she could have him trash his paper copy or stick it in a box somewhere.

Sharing this little tidbit—really not what she hired me to do—has made an enormous difference in her business’ productivity. It makes me no extra money– I told her because I knew it would work, and that’s my job–help my clients in whatever way I can. She can’t thank me enough—and she’s already decided to pay for extra storage space to get all of her records off her desk.

The way I look at it–our clients do better, everybody wins!

At Moore Bookkeeping, we don’t just count the beans—we help you find ways to make better soup.

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