The Business of Writing Now Available

THE BUSINESS OF WRITING is now available for purchase at Amazon. This electronic book is geared specifically to the needs of writers and their business.

Most writers are imaginative people living vicariously in the wonderful worlds they create. Words are their tools and their joy. Numbers are another story. The idea of balancing a checkbook, filing taxes or anything financial besides cashing royalty checks is something they either love (not often), HATE, or just don’t really get or care about.

THE BUSINESS OF WRITING will make managing the financial side of your career as straight-forward as writing “The End” on your latest creation.

You need to know what’s happening with your money. If you find you are perfectly capable of doing the work yourself, but you just don’t want to, THE BUSINESS OF WRITING will show you what you’ll absolutely have to know when trusting someone else with your money. There are too many horror stories about people entrusting their finances to an “expert” only to find themselves mismanaged, robbed or flat broke. You don’t want to be that writer, and I don’t want you to be that writer.

You’ll learn all these things:

1. What expenses are specific to writers–when they are deductible and when they aren’t.
2. What receipts you need and how long to hold onto them.
3. What financial rules pertain specifically to writers.
4. What the Hobby Loss Rule is and why you need to know about it.
5. How you can get all of your financial paperwork organized once and for all.
6. How you should be organized—-Sole Proprietor, General Partnership, C corporation, LLC, Subchapter S Corporation–and why.
7. And much, much more!

BONUS! Along with the purchase of THE BUSINESS OF WRITING, you’ll receive links and references for important financial and tax information essential for running your business as well as FREE DOWNLOADABLE FORMS to use in preparing your own Money Journal, the key to your financial success.

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