QuickBooks Set-Up

Setting up the QuickBooks file is the most important step in using the software product successfully. Inventory, payroll, payables, receivables—all of these modules depend upon proper set-up to post correctly to the general ledger. Using a file that is set up incorrectly or incompletely will lead to frustration and missed information on reports.

Many users decide to do the set-up themselves only to discover it’s not nearly as easy as QuickBooks makes business owners believe. For example, the payroll module alone includes many steps that if not followed correctly can lead to underpayment of payroll taxes for both state and federal entities.

The wizard installed with QuickBooks is helpful, but unless you have experience in QuickBooks and bookkeeping, it is worth the cost to have this done or at least checked by an expert in QuickBooks before using the file. The earlier you consult an expert, the less time it will take them to fix any problems–problems that will compound and frustrate and cost money to fix.

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